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  • Ranked — Rank Rank, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Ranked} (r[a^][ng]kt); p. pr. & vb. n. {Ranking}.] 1. To place abreast, or in a line. [1913 Webster] 2. To range in a particular class, order, or division; to class; also, to dispose methodically; to place in… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • -ranked — [[t] ræŋkt[/t]] COMB in ADJ: ADJ n ranked is added to words, usually numbers like first , second , and third , to form adjectives which indicate what position someone or something has in a list or scale. ...Cheryl Thibedeau, Canada s second… …   English dictionary

  • Ranked Pairs — (RP) or Tideman (named after its developer Nicolaus Tideman) is a voting method that selects a single winner using votes that express preferences. RP can also be used to create a sorted list of winners.If there is a candidate who is preferred… …   Wikipedia

  • Ranked Pairs — (auch Tideman, nach Nicolaus Tideman) ist ein 1987 entwickeltes Wahl und Abstimmungsverfahren, bei dem der Wähler mehrere Präferenzen angibt. Wenn es einen Kandidaten gibt, den die Wähler im paarweisen Vergleich allen anderen gegenüber vorziehen …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Ranked list of New Zealand main urban areas — Ranked by population = Figures are [http://www.stats.govt.nz/NR/rdonlyres/FD33A726 DFD5 4FE7 988E 4A5E187F406B/0/snpeat30jun07alltablesfinal.xls] at 30 June 2007. Ranked by median income Figures are for all people over 15 years of age and are in… …   Wikipedia

  • Ranked list of Danish counties — Ranked list of Danish countiesThe following lists rank the counties of Denmark according to population, area, and population density. Note: The municipalities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg do not belong to Copenhagen County. ListExternal links* …   Wikipedia

  • Ranked list of Swedish counties — Ranked lists of the Counties of Sweden.By population …   Wikipedia

  • Ranked list of Cuban provinces — Ranked list of provinces of Cuba.ummary : Source: Cuba census 2002 [http://www.cubagob.cu/otras info/censo/ Cuba Census 2002] [http://www.cubagob.cu/otras info/censo/tablas html/ii 4.htm Population table] ] ee also* Provinces of Cuba *… …   Wikipedia

  • Ranked pairs — Part of the Politics series Electoral methods Single winner …   Wikipedia

  • Ranked list of French regions — The following are ranked lists of French regions. Population figures are from the 1999 census.By populationThe total population of France is 60.3 million, of which 58.6 million (97.2%) live in Europe.RankRegionPopulation%Density1Île de France… …   Wikipedia

  • Ranked list of Venezuelan states — These are ranked lists of the States of Venezuela sorted by population, area, and density. Population figures are from 2005. The Greater Caracas area should not be counted as a state.By populationee also* Demographics of Venezuela * Subdivisions… …   Wikipedia

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